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Ready to kick BORED to the curb, stop HIDING and censoring who you really truly are and show up in your business (and life!) as the DISTINCT and unique badass you are?! You’re in the right place, yo.


Hiya, I’m Eyenie {pronounced eh-zje-knee}, the Technicolor Priestess.


I’m a Brand & Style Alchemist based in France and I help Overachieving Misfit entrepreneurs all over the world who struggle with hiding out and letting life pass them by to COME OUT OF HIDING, and express themselves through their distinct and kick-ass STYLE!


If there is one thing I simply cannot effing stand, it’s watching amazingly smart and unique women feeling like the woman they see in the mirror is not the one they feel they are on the inside.

I want to share a lil’ secret with you…
For years I was half-assing every area of my life. I used clothes to saty off the radar and behind the scenes because I thought it was unsavory or bad or wrong or even dangerous to let myself be seen.

It was one thing to do this all through school and while working in Corporatelandia (I didn’t give a rat’s ass about climbing the ladder…) But once I started my business, this TOTALLY worked against me.

As a rookie entreprneur I thought I was doing everything the “right” way – I got a coaching certification, I had a website, created some packages, and even did a professional photo-shoot. But all my teenaged fears were becoming reality because NOBODY was coming to my party!


Despite all my efforts, I had a teeny following on social media, zero traffic on my website, and as for clients…. {insert crickets chirping here}…uh, what clients? They were NOWHERE to be found!


I soon realized I wasn’t showing up, certainly not in any real way! I was “doing” my business how I had been doing everything else – half-assedly. What do I mean by this?

Maybe some of this will sound familiar:

  • I was saying I wanted to have this kick-ass life, but was’t doing much to start living it
  • My website was safe, vague and passive
  • My photos showed a diluted, generic version of me
  • My online presence was dull, confusing and left me feeling totally invisible…just like I’d worked all those years trying to be.
  • I felt frumpy, uninspired in my business, my style and even my day-to-day life.

I wasn’t putting the pedal to the metal and “walking my talk” as they say… and it showed. What it boiled down to was that I wasn’t showing up for MYSELF.

I felt like a total freak outsider.

Slowly, I began to tap into all those parts of myself that I had been trying so hard to hide – the inner freak, rebel, eccentric, weirdo. I started to realize that these are the very magical ingredients that made me exactly who I AM, and that these are the parts of me that other Overachieving Misfits would be able to relate to. Once I connected to what made me DISTINCT, showed all of who I am and got ok with not being everyone’s cup of tea, everything changed for me. It didn’t happen overnight, but it mega happened!

Today, I’m all about owning the SH!T out of who I am and expressing it through my StyleVoice, and I help other women do the very thing I learned to do, own, embrace and showcase their quirks, and nuances to ILLUMINATE their style and brand.

If it’s about time to get who you are on the OUTSIDE matching up to who you have become on the INSIDE, let’s talk!!


How’z about we chat? Schedule a time here.

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