Are you a creative entrepreneur ready to stand out from the crowd, own your true StyleVoice, and take the way you’re showing up to a whole new level?

If so, read on, m’lady…

I’m Eyenie Schultz

Brand & Style Alchemist for the overachieving misfit woman entrepreneur just like you, who’s ready to show on the outside who she is on the inside, up her confidence ante and finally get visible in her life and business.


Because that kick-ass life you dream of? It’ll show up, the moment you do.

If you’ve ever found yourself...


Looking in the mirror and feeling like you’re not seeing your true self (you know, the real sparkly-quirky-BADASS you are on the inside?)


Bursting with big-ass dreams for your life and even bigger creative ideas but when you survey your website, your wardrobe and well, frankly your world… all you see is some vague beige expression of who you really are.


Sick of feeling invisible, frumpy and like life is happening outside, while you’re stuck behind your computer watching your WOWest and most vibrant years pass by in a baggy-sweatshirt-yoga-pant wearing haze

And you’re the kind of lady who knows deep inside you’ve got amazing kick-ass taste & style but for whatever reason you’re not letting yourself express it?

This is especially for you.

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You’re wanting to re-brand and show up as the new & evolved version of yourself...


You’ve got your photoshoot booked and you’re freaking out about what to wear…


Or you’re simply done with spending all your time building your business and instead are ready to start full-body LIVING the life you preach.


One things for sure…

That kick-ass WOW life you’ve been working your ass off to create?

It’ll properly show up - the moment you do.

And I don’t just mean in terms of effort or smarts (you’ve already tried that, and frankly, you’ve got it in the bag).

I mean in terms of true, fully-expressed, authentic style.

You see, those amazing clients you want, the mula, the lifestyle, the traveling and FUN - the whole shebang that you live, eat and dream about...

It can’t find you if the message you’re giving out is diluted, censored, folded or muted.

So how do you know if the message you’re giving off is not your true one?

Simply put: You feel it.

Par exemple… (yes, I do French daaahling):


==> You know there’s a big message inside of you, but you bite your tongue wondering if anyone really wants to hear it in YOUR exact voice.


==> You (secretly) long to be the woman who breezes into a room and turns every head in there… Then quickly scrap that daydream because surely they’d think you’re fluffy, superficial or unprofessional.


==> You admire other women when they’ve got their style shit together. But looking in your own closet you just feel overwhelmed and deflated… so you retreat to the same ol-frump style because it’s easy.


==> Or, the kind of clients and money you’re attracting is a big ol’ mismatch, either forcing you to do work you don’t find all that inspiring, half-assing it or perhaps even worse… charging way less than your true worth.

The solid-NEON truth of the matter is, that when a woman shows up as her true self, with her core, soul and essence aligned to her StyleVoice, both in business and in life - she becomes unstoppable

And anything is possible.

AmIright? Then read on...

I’m taking on a handful of women to work with me on defining their StyleVoice and embodying it through what they wear so they can show their distinct personality in their business.

Working together you'll...

:: Learn how to turn those quirks and nuances you’ve tried to hide into your magic.


:: Discover easy ways to instantly up your confidence and feel more like you than ever before (without spending a penny/ just by upcycling what you already have).


:: Know how to effortlessly get noticed in your business, just by turning up the volume on who you already are.


:: Learn kick-ass techniques for making getting dressed easy so you always have that “je ne sais quoi” about your style, without having to think about it.

All by uncovering what your distinct style is and how to dress it, live it & infuse it into your business & life.

So if you’re:

==> A coach, artist, designer, writer or other creative entrepreneur who’s OVER feeling frumpy and uninspired and is ready to expand and uplevel how you’re showing up.


==> A badass, unique, creative women who knows she’s not a “run-of-the-mill gal” and is ready to unleash and OWN her quirks and what makes her distinct.


==> Done wasting time and squandering your amazing taste, style, beauty and creativity because you’re frumping it out behind your laptop and are ready to GET.OUT.THERE.


==> An Overachieving Misfit who’s had enough of following the rules, playing it safe and silencing your inner rebel.

And you’re a woman who knows there is SO much more to you than what you’re showing, and feel ready to let it out...

I invite you join me for your FREE 20-min StyleVoice assessment to unleash who you truly are through what you wear and feel amazingly confident doing it. Grab your spot today.

Book your FREE StyleVoice Assessment
Book your FREE StyleVoice Assessment