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“I would highly recommend Eyenie if you are a misfit in your core, but you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone and see life through a beautiful and holistic new lens!”
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“Eyenie is absolutely brilliant! Her unique techniques totally freed me from my left brain, and let the genius of my right brain step in. She helped me to rediscover my inner artist, which is unleashing a whole new world of possibilities in my personal life and business.”
“This work that you do is eye-opening, and adds a dimension to life. The way you helped me find MY elements and MY insights about clothing and MY truest expression of myself is powerful. For real, this work you do is LIFE-ALTERING! THANK YOU!!!!”
 DO Testi
 “Before working with Eyenie I felt stuck in a grayscale world, where I was hiding out and in constant frump…and didn’t know how to break out of it. To me, the best way I can describe my experience working with Eyenie is to say that she is like a living, breathing Matisse painting–so delightfully full of color, vibrancy, and light that can definitely transform you, if you let yourself be open to it.”
– Deborah Odette, Student & Goddess
EF Testi
“Since my session with Eyenie, I have a new outlook on what self-care means, how I can use my wardrobe as a tool to help me feel a deep sense of self-worth, feeling connected with my inner beauty and my ever changing inner landscape. I’ve never had more fun waking up and getting dressed each day. This is one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself.” 
“When I came to Eyenie my style was in serious need of an upgrade. I’d been sporting t-shirts and jeans for far too long, but I wasn’t sure how to create a style that really represented my personality and made me feel comfortable.  Eyenie led me to a new understanding of my personal style, with so much care and zero judgment.  She’s a super fun mix of class and sass, and I have already recommended her to everyone I know.”
– Christine Blubaugh, Holistic Health Coach

“I had two awesome sessions with Eyene Schultz for my upcoming photo shoot for my new website.  She is amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her!  If you are in need to find your style personality, update your current look and/or get ready for your next photo shoot, she is your girl!”

– Seema Alexander, www.seemaalexander.com

“She asked me questions nobody has ever asked me before, and I found myself getting to know myself in a whole new way! I thought it was just a styling session, but I found myself bawling because she brought up so much! It was seriously AMAZING, dude!”

– Amanda Egger, Blissful Starlet

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