Brenda Blend-in Never Changed the World

Own your ICONIC Status, Inside and Out


You have stellar taste and you've always been a trendsetter. When it comes to how you dress though, you seem to default back to your safey safe wear.


Wear clothes that align with your vision and all of a sudden, you step into a new level of who you were meant to be.


Sure, you're on-the-go all the time. I mean, for f*ck's sake, you're a VISIONARY!


So in your mind, choosing comfortable and easy (you know the drill - leggings or jeggings or treggings + big-ass sweater + those one boots you've had for a decade) over style just makes sense. 


You are so much more than that though.


You don't do life like everyone else, no way. YOU are a one-of-a-kind dame. and your people are looking for you - the real you. 


But visually, they see a Safe Sally glossy print


You love bright red lipstick and turbans and underground music. You've had daydreams of owning those creepers or femme fatale stilettos since you were a wee lass, and unicorns are your spirit animal.

you feel in your guts that you'll grow up to be your own version of Linda Rodin, Iris Apfel or Carmen Dell'Orefice. the eccentricity of Bjork makes your ticker hummmm, and off the beaten path + vintage stores are your magical wonderland.


Get technicolor solutions that explode possibilities and hot-wire the FOOK out of the potential you've never even dreamed you had. It's time.


Time to polish, refine and upgrade how you walk through your world. You can feel it. The status quo has never been your style - you are above and beyond that shite. 

 This isn't your average shopping and photo-shoot gig. This is an experience that will propel your bottom line, shoot your level of influence and illuminate your magnetism to the next galaxy. No fresh-off-the-TJ Maxx-mannequin outfit in a predictable pose shit here!.

O.G.'s like you are shinier and more magical than what the average mind could even think up. Let's call a spade a spade: You're a fucking boss. It's time to show up like it.

 Flip the switch to NEON. Basta with blending in. Ditch dimming yourself down. It's just not you.  


Evoke The Emotions Behind Your Brand So They Understand You,
And Know You Understand Them


*This program is available to ONE badass every month, and can be done in Paris, Albi (UNESCO world heritage site), France. Coming in 2017 - also available in Miami, US!

Each adventure is totally customized to your unique personality, desires and StyleVoice, and no two are alike. The masterpiece we create will be yours alone.


This is not just about the clothes or the phoot-shoot... The name of the game is to help your ideal clients and patrons understand who you really are, so you are undeniable to the people you're trying to reach.

Through this process, you ceremoniously (and kick-assingly) step Into the next level of YOU.

And, showing up like the ICON you are, well, it's the deciding factor between the wannabes and the "I'm On My Ways".

Oh, and you can't come to Paris and not be treated like a Priestess...


Why Paris and Miami? These cities have waaay more to offer than "catwalk style" clothes, and sexy party looks. No matter what your taste, you can ease into a style that FEELS GOOD, that's EASY to wear, and that expresses who you are. Oh, and all according to your budget!

The Be The ICON Shopping + Photo-Shoot Adventure includes:

  • Potent Pre-Adventure Preparation

    Before even arriving in Paris/Miami, we’ll:

    • Go through the Finding Your StyleVoice process to define your style and get clear on how it looks
    • Work on shifting any limiting beliefs, energy blocks and challenges around showing up and standing out
    • Collaborate to create kick-ass looks that are uniquely YOU for your shoot 
    • Design the feel, tone, and mood of your shoot for location scouting and to prepare the hair & make-up artist and photographer
  • A Day-and-a-half of Intentional & Magical Shopping

    No stress, no guesswork, no mapping things out ahead of time… it’s all done for you!

    • A full day of shopping in select neighborhoods and boutiques that are in alignment with your StyleVoice and budget
    • Eyenie at your side every step of the way to guide and support you as you step into the next level of yourself
    • Processing, energy work, mindset shifts as needed to help you find your perfect outfits and accessories effortlessly
  • Branded ICONIC Photo-Shoot

    Werk it for the camera with confidence and razzle-dazzle, feeling like you are finally “in your skin”!

    • Professional Hair + Makeup
    • Half-day shoot at pre-scouted totally you locations all over the city (both indoors and outdoors).
    • Unlimited outfit changes with Eyenie and the hair + makeup artist who have your back
    • Receive all of your photos, with 20 of your favorites retouched
  • Oh La La Extras To Sweep You Off Your Feet...

    Since this is all about feeling like the royal beautiful badass you are, you also get…

    • Airport pick-up and drop-off
    • Luxurious lunches at high-vibing restaurants included on all 3 days
    • Healthy nibblies while we’re on le go go go
    • Spa treatment (facial, manicure/pedicure, massage) to get you relaxed and ready for the camera
    • Mega surprises along the way

Spots are limited!

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When you operate outside of your Style.Essence:

  • A disconnect is created between the you people see and the YOU you actually represent
  • It affects your sales and bottom line because people feel like you're putting on a show and like something's off.
  • Visibility and authenticity become overwhelming and you tend to want to shut down.
  • You can attract clients and patrons who are less than ideal and leave you feeling frustrated because they're not in alignment with who you really are.
  • You project images that don't connect with the emotion of your ideal clients and patrons. People have to know you like you and trust you before they give you their money.

I know this all too well, and it sucks! When I first started my business, I was trying to look "coachy" and blend in because I thought it would make me more credible and widely appealing. My voice wasn't being projected - I wrote one way and looked another. I was talking about going after your dreams and being a misfit and breaking rules, and visually I was showing up as the opposite of all of those things.

My photos have gotten progressively more real and raw and ME! Check out the glaring difference between my first photos and what they were communicating and my most recent ones...

Make them fall in love with the essence of who you are. Unleash your ICONIC Visionary status on the world, and watch them - the people you want to work with most - gravitate to you.



Online business now is differentiated by your 'IT' factor. It is not enough to be average. It is no longer ok to sell from yoga pants and a fooking stretched and stained t-shirt.

Your essense, your personality - your IT factor - is the thing that is going to draw them to you like moths to a NEON flame. It starts with the image they're going to see as soon as they land on your site.

Not doing the Shopping + Photo-shoot Adventure is not an option for ICONS. Yes, Paris is the hub of fashion and luxury, but more than that, it's the hub of finding yourself. This is an opportunity for you to finally step into the next level of you and emitting it through your images as well as your words.

Create a cohesive recognizable brand that rivals those of Danielle LaPorte, Laura Hollick, and Garence Dore. YOU are no longer a player on a small field. The world is waiting for you to show up and be your most mesmerizing.

Don't come om The Adventure if:

>> You are happy with your results in your business or in your craft
>> You are not ready for an influx of work, adoration, fascination and magical opportunities
>>  Mediocre feels good to you

This trip is for women who want to...

  • Live the passion that ignites their days
  • Work the work that isn't work for them
  • Step into a whole new level of who they've always known they were

Spots are limited!

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High Fives + Love For Eyenie & StyleVoice

Love for the Shopping + Photo-Shoot Adveture


I decided to invest in myself and do the Paris StyleVoice Shopping + Photo-Shoot Adventure because I was ready to show more of myself in my life, and my business.

Paris was magical! Working with Eyenie prior to the shoot helped me re-discover my closet, making it feel new to me - this work helped me get out of my head and into my body quite magically.

And to my surprise, I didn't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to match to my StyleVoice - I already had pieces that spoke to me yet I didn't know how to listen to or trust my intuition when it came to putting them together. This is so not the case anymore!

It was so exciting because all our shoot and look ideas with make up and locations all unfolded in the most effortless way...

Let Eyenie hold the vision with you and you will be amazed at the beauty you co-create! Her eye for fashion and art direction allow magic to unfold, making the experience one you can cross off the bucket list. Oh and did I mention the pampering before the shoot?!

It was all more than I could have imagined!!!

// Erica Orosco Cruz, Director at Homeschool Garden, Los Angeles

Listen to what International Artist and Leader, Jessica Serran had to say about her experience...

Is this experience glamorous? Will you be fussed over, catered to and treated like the ICON you are? Might champagne and wine be involved if you want them to be? Yes.

It is also fun, exciting, magical, and easy. But don't let that fool you...

There's no denying the decadence and luxury involved...however, it is necessary to do it if you want to go from wannabe, to ICONIC status!

ICONS don't need permission...

As elegant and luxurious as this sounds, a trip to Paris with a photo-shoot is just the thing your business needs to take your craft to the next level. This is how your people -those who totally get you and who know you're the one for them - will finally be able to see YOU.

This is how you magnetize the shit outta them before even uttering a word.

Success is measured by the lives you've impacted. Success is measured by the hearts you've changed. Shatter the fucking glass ceiling on your potential with one trip...

Make them fall in love with the essence of who you are. Unleash your ICONIC Visionary status on the world, and watch them - the people you want to work with most - gravitate to you as if by magic.

Spots are limited!

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About Eyenie

Graduating from Overachieving Misfit to ICONIC Visionary...

Growing up and into my adult life, I always felt like a total outsider freak. I used to feel so unworthy, that all I wanted to do was be invisible and hide...I used clothes to help me do it. When I started my own business, I realized I was not projecting who I really was, and I heard crickets as a result.
I remember getting on a discovery call with a woman one day (a rare occurrence at that time) and being kooky and making jokes and doing voices as we talked (yes, accents and plays on words are my dorky jam...) Surprised, she said, "WOW! From your photos, I would have never expected you to be so fun and enthusiastic! You're such a weirdo - and I mean that as a compliment!" I knew it was time for my visual expression to match who I really was.
After loads of expansion growth and learning how to self-love, it became very clear that the parts of myself I was trying to hide were actually the magical ingredients that made me not only unique, but also appealing. They were my It factor. The black nail-polish, red lipstick, velvet, mesh & lace all came out... and with it came clients and raving fans! M'lady, YES. It was that f*cking easy. 
This taught me that how people dress is an utter reflection of how they feel about themselves... and what we focus on expands. So, why not use how we dress to expedite becoming the Visionary you're meant to be?  Showing up as the Technicolor Priestess (my version of ICONIC Visionary) has changed everything for me, and I want to splash your life and craft/business with the same magic!

Spots are limited!

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